Flip up helmets

I would like to get some of your opinions on these new flip up helmets? Sorry I searched for a link put came up with no pictures or good reviews. Thats why I am asking.

The one I tried on today was a Fulmer, modus

Since I am doing more dual sporting and spending time on the street I was thinking of something of a different style than my moto helmet and goggles.

This flip up has a latch near the chin that allows you to release the whole chin section and raise it up. I like that for taking a drink of beverage or digging for my credit card at the gas station instead of taking of my helmet. It would even be nice for more clear talking trailside. The clear visor also ratchets up and is replaceable.

It is both DOT and SNELL approved which surprised me and the price was $149

I am not trying to be cheap. Just looking to try something new, practical and comfortable.

Anyone else seen these or heard comments pro or con?

As allways thanks for your input

I personally like to use and old full face road helmet if Iam doing the on to off road explorer bit or any other fairly light off roading it works great and I only replace a face shield a year so it stays pretty cheap. For heavy offroading I use my moto helmet and googles or just road my nice full face $$$ helmet the comfort is so worth it to have the options. Never have tried any of the flip ups but Iknow what your are talking and they don't look comfy to me . Good luck thats my 2cents :cry: :cry:

I tried one on once. Apparently they run small. It was tighter than s&it, and it snapped shup on my dome I couldnt get it off.

Have not seen the Fulmar, there is another cheap one called Rodia I think.

Not sure I trust these, but if they are snell tested & approved...?

There is also the HJC Symax and the Shoei Synchrotec & Duotec (older version).

They are more expensive, but I saw the Symax for $165 on some website

a while back, the Shoei is $300+ I think.

I might get a Symax to use this winter, the flip up design is cool,

same protection as a fullface, Id never wear an open face helmet.

I'm thinking they might only be good for one faceplant LOL :cry: Jeez I have done some good ones since I been dirt biking.

But this style has a certain appeal and I figure on mainly using it for the street.

I guess I am concerend about how it holds up and all. That chin snap works very nice and has a nice positve click when it latches. I'm just wondering how it holds up under real world use. Or any of them for that matter.

I should have tried to take it off without the release :cry: It is really nice if you where glasses to.

Any others got comments or suggestions?

Even if you haven't seen or tried one what are your thoughts on the concept?

I bought an HJC Symax last summer. I like it. Comfortable and seems to be well made. I use it on dualsport rides when it"s cold or raining, or just a trip to town. It's nice to not have to take your hat off to gas up or talk to somebody. I would buy the samething again.

I have a Nolan N100 I really like for the street.

I don't wear it off road or I'd scratch it up in the woods and it's way too heavy for jumping.

I would suggest Arai XD2....but then again, it there anything else? :cry:

You can get one for under $400 (with a tinted shield) PM me if need be. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Not a flip up helmet, nor is it cheap,

but I got an Arai XD a few months ago-

I like not having to deal with goggles,

a lot less turbulence and noise, too.

Looks pretty bitchin', has a visor to

block the sun in your face, plus is

a very well made piece-feel very secure

wearing it-probably too nice to wear

in the dirt, but for street, it works.


Not a flip up helmet, nor is it cheap,

sure looks like a flip up to me, :cry::lol: :lol: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sorry-didn't see rbdawson's post when I wrote mine...

I was responding to the original post-

Seems he's got the same deal as me

We're both happy! :cry:

By the way, what's STFU mean? :cry:

By the way, what's STFU mean? :cry:

Shut the [@#$%&*!] up ! :cry:

I have an Art Fulmer Modus, and I like it except for the fact that it has a wicked whistle at hiway speed. As long as you face foreward, no prob. But look to the side and you get the whistle. I tried to get Fulmer to swap it out for me, No dice. Since I'm stuck with it, I've "tuned" it by cutting out a little rubber here and there to change airflow, but have not totally eliminated it.

I've been using Fulmer helmets for 20 years, but due to their lack of interest in helping a long time customer, I'll never buy another one. :cry: :cry:

I had an HJC flip up, that a friend gave me, but it was too big and I didn't keep it long...nice helmet with no noise though.

These flip up helmuts originally were made by the people at Bombardier as a helmut for snowmobiling under the Ski-Doo line. They were extremely innovative at the time as they had extremely good ventillation and good breath steam removal in the form of a pilots mask with tubing exiting the rear of the helmut. I looked at one when i needed a new sledding helmut but found them to be way too heavy...both for my neck and my pocketbook($450). I haven't seen the ones for bikes yet but if they are anywhere as heavy as the sled ones i would stay away.

I also bought the new Arai XD :cry:, Fantastic helmet, more air and air control,flip shield is fantastic, the fit is better than my Roadie KBC Euro which is a great helmet, price is way too much,but you get what you pay for and more!!! It's the best solution out there for dual-sport riding by far!!! I didn't get the great price the other rider got, even with the Arai Northwest Sales rep working to get a deal. Best advice don't buy anything from a BMW dealer,there overhead is so frigging high you can never catch a deal from them. :cry:

WoW! Great info guys. Thank You all very much!!!! Thats what this place is all about.

Sunday I went for a ride and got caught about 40 miles out when it started to snow very lightly. I am definitley going to start shopping serious with all your info and input.

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