The wait is killing me!

I have been pooring over the cycle trader looking for the perfect used bike for months, I finally found it last weekend, and made the offer. I gave the owner a deposit to hold it until the guy who bought my bike had a check clear.

Well the old bike left the garage yesterday, and I now have the cash to pick up the new bike, but the owner is out of town till Sunday.

The wait is killing me! I want to get on the bike and ride! This is worse than any Christmas as a kid!

Here is the latest. I arranged with the guy to pick the bike up yesterday afternoon around 2. He called my at about 1 to let me know that he changed his mind! HhE DECIDED AFTER RIDING THE BIKE HE WAS GOING TO BUY THAT HE WAS BETTER OFF KEEPING HIS OLD BIKE.

I could not believe it! DAMN! now I am back at sqare one.

THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!

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