95 DR350SE - gets wet and will barely run

My riding buddy has a 95 DR350SE. Recently it has developed a problem where if it gets wet, from mud and water splashing around, it will cut out, barely run, and refuse to rev up, cough, spit, backfire. We'll go limping home, and hours later it will be fine after it dries out. Apparently it's some kind of electrical/ignition type issue. Does this sound familiar to anybody and if so can you give me some direction to look at first? Or should I just start pulling connectors apart and cleaning?



Do a search for the "T" mod--that could be the problem

Do a search for the "T" mod--that could be the problem

I searched 'T mod' but came up dry. Is this the t fitting that goes in the carbs drain line? (Ludwigs DR350 page?) If so, I've already done that, but will check to see that it's not plugged or kinked. Now that you say that, the symptoms are similar. I was just thinking electrics since water always seems to be part of the equation.


I used to have a Kawasaki that did that when water got sprayed up on the electrics under the tank. Wouldn't run till it dried out. Try spraying the electrical conections with CRC or another water displacement and look for corroded fittings and cracked wires that might be bridging when wet.(around the coil, plug wire and boot)


I did everything I could think of to duplicate the problem in my driveway. Got it warmed up and sprayed it with the water hose. shot tons of water all up under the tank and side covers. Never missed a beat. I cut it off and layed it down to simulate a fall and sprayed the crap out of it, when I stood it back up it started on about the third crank sputtered a couple times then purred like a kitten.

We're supposed to go up to the mountains this weekend, and I was hoping to find something definitely wrong that I could fix. Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed and go with it.


:cry: Been there and its frustrating for sure.

One problem my bike has with similar simptoms is not caused by water but by rough whooped up trails that bounce the kickstand cutting out the motor intermintently causing the carb to flood and act exactly like you've discribed above.

When this happens I pull in the clutch,pull the choke,and blimp the throttle a couple of times. This works to clear the carb every time for me. I don't know if it will fix your problem but it maybe worth a try.

Good luck.

Have a great ride and I hope the gremlins don't resurface.


If your not too worried about all the safety switches take them off (dirt bikes don't have them). I by passed the kick stand switch, neutral switch, & clutch switch and my bike no longer has intermittent problems. you can't just unplug them but get the electrical diagram and see what ones need jumpers.

Taking the kickstand switch off is about the only mod I havn't done and I've been meaning to do it. No reason that I've waited this long. :cry: I'll do it this winter.


SgtMike I just noticed where your are located, I rode the meteor duel sport in september. I never rode in sand before, what a new experience(alot of fun).

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