Tire sizes

What is the widest tire that you have ran on a XR600. I have dual sported my 95XR600 and am currently running a Dunlop 739 110/100/18. I also have a Supertrapp pipe so I have more clearance to run a wider tire. What do you think would be a good choice for a dual sport rear as well as front tire? I have had good luck in the past with a Kenda Trackmaster front tire on a DR350SE. I am interested in DOT approved tires.

I always run 140-80X18 on all my bikes. Michelin Baja or s-12

I have 90 xr600r, I also have a supestrapp.

I ALWAYS run a 130/80or90x18. If it's dot you're

looking for than pirelli has the MT21. Real aggressive tread for a dot approved. I've had a couple sets, I liked them. Althogh I think they wear out fairly quick. I heard another good tire is the michelin baja-dot approved. Trackmaster

for the front are good. they're all pretty close in comparison. It all depends on how you ride, whether or not they will last.

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