hard time starting when stalling................

hi! newbie on TT look like a great site....

newbie on 4 strokes too (3 years on 2 strokes)

my question is... first day whit a 4stroke 2 hours

of great riding.but stall a couple of time ,and very

hard to restart up to 10 times. i new that it was

hard but not that hard...

Any suggestions or tips...(gas, no gas, hot start or not..) :cry:

NEVER twist the throttle and always pull in the hot start lever after a stall. If everything esle is in good shape, low speed jetting, etc., it should start right up. Mine starts easily after stalls using the hot start leaver.

if the carb is flooded, open the throtlle wide open and kick it through for about 10 kicks....

then start as usual...

Hold the throttle open - kick it about 7-9 times (it may sound like it's burping - a hollow-sounding 'cough'). Then close the throttle and kick it over again. That usually fixes my 150R. It floods really easily, esp. if I dump the bike. Once in a while I get lucky, but i often think it may be depending on weather conditions as well as how long the bike's been running. If I stall it when it hasn't warmed up enough, it takes an Act of Congress to get it started again.

Slowly kick the bike just to the top of compression, pull in the hot start and give it a good hard kick. You have to follow through with the kick, don't start to ease up towards the end of the kicker travel. It should start right up.

Giving it a ton of "baby kicks" will never get it started. You need strong full kicks.

Make sure you don't touch the throttle at all while kicking.

What I have found for mine is try to start it with a strong smooth kick, If it doesnt start first few kick, Pull in the hot start. If you have kicked it a bunch and flooded it out you can pull in the hot start to lean out the carb. Every bike is a little diffrent and you will have to figure out what works best for yours. Just remember the hot start leans out the motor so you can figure on what you have done and use it accordingly

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