Prep for riding in the snow

Since this riding season is quickly coming to a close around here and I've been laid up for about 2 months with a slipped disc, I'd like to extend the riding season.

If I want to winter ride, do I need to do anything special to the bike other than studs +/- grip heaters. Standard 50/50 coolant should be okay I would think (bike stored in heated garage).

With respect to studs, how do I install them, what should I buy, are there any pitfalls to avoid?

I guess using this old tire is out of the question? 220-2058_IMG.jpg

I am doing some research on this myself. For ice racing they use an old street tire that has been cut down and fit into a brand new knobby. The studs are special ice racing screws not sheet metal screws. They cost $83:00cdn for 500. You will need 1.5 boxes or so to do up the tires.

For trail riding, I'm not sure. I think their is a guy on the ODSC site that has studded his tires for trail riding. (Deman?) Maybe Frostbite would have some info as well.

Let me know if you find anything out.

Great info BigDr, where does one find Kold Kutter screws,

any bike shop or some place specific?

That's excellent info BigDR. What about when there is a bit of snow and a bit of dirt - will the dirt tear the studs out in no time? I'm thinking especially in the Spring when the snow starts to melt. :cry:

No good for ice, but... I still want to try my paddle tire in the snow!

I just put my bike away and get out my snowmobile. The DRZ would ever even begin to take me where my sled will. Besides....down here at sea level we can ride all year long in the dirt....just not up the street on the mountain.Almost always above zero here but i can haul my sled for 10 minutes and be riding it. :cry:

It's a little different for the winter "down south" here in Indaina. We don't get the hard freeze that lasts all winter. Most of the time, the trails end up a mix of bare frozen dirt, snow, roots, mud, and ice.

My first experiement involved plain old, cheap ass self-tapping sheetmetal screws. I used 1/2" on the front, with one screw per knob, and 5/8" on the back with 2 screws in every knob. The front lasted all winter. The rear lasted about 20 minutes.

This season, I'm gonna try one of these: Winterstuds

With the variation in terrain around here in the winter, I'm affraid of ripping regular ice studs out the same as the sheet metal screws.


If you REALLY want to cut costs, look up Gyro's old posts as he experimented with some "studs" in the winter.. funny stuff!

I think I remember that one - was it he who posted the pics with nuts and bolts sticking out of the knobbies? As I recall, they seemed to work pretty well, even in a foot of soft stuff. :cry:

I found this on the ODSC site.

He has a few to choose from.

This is what he had to say.

I have a used set (21" - Dunlop 490 w/canadian screws & a kenda w/canadian

screws) for $220 US + shipping. I also have some other used tires that are

a little bit better and you would be looking at $25 - $50 more for a better

used tire. A new set goes for $500 US. If you give me your postal code, I

can get a shipping cost for you.

All of our tires come with the two liner setup.

Let me know if you are interested or would like to see pictures.

Tom Cox

Hi to all , this is my first post and hope not my last one !! I live in Quebec, Canada and we have a ice championship , 9 rounds with average driver inscription of 125 per rounds , our tire was made with MT44 MX Laguna Cross is the best we found , we shape it and put liner inside .Our`s stud are two and a half thread long and the head have 1/4 inches .The ride is incredible (you don`t beleive it until you ride it , the tire stick at the ice incredibly) i am not at my home right now but Thursday night i will show you some picture of the tire and of course of my 2 bike (Kx250 and my new Drz400 E )

Ok i continue my research for jetting my new toy ,

elevation 1000 feet and a average of -10 Celcius (14 Fahrenheit) Long live to this board and Vb bulletin soon as possible

Best Regard`s

Friend`s from North of the Border

Glace2004.JPG order

Hey, welcome abored. I look forward to the other pics.

Do you race any of the cdn roadracers on the ice?

Hey, welcome abored. I look forward to the other pics.

Do you race any of the cdn roadracers on the ice?

No the championship is Oval type race , And alot of Canadian RoadRacer make the championship :

Pascal Picotte , Canadian champion in Super Bike Series

Domique Beaulac , Canadian Champion in Dirt track (he with Jay Springsteen team in 2004 Us championship)

Martin Proulx make Super Bike Series

Andrew Ranger (he is the recrue of the year in Atlantic Car Formula , and he supposed to make is debut in IRL next year)

And the Famous Marcel Fournier he win the Championship 6 year in the row but in 2004 he lost is title for Dominic

in Pro 600 cc

A lot of competitor and incredible show

You people need to supplement your offroading with a snowmobile like I do. You don't even need to go buy a new high end one to enjoy. We have a few old bombs that have and still do put many a smiles on many a faces. :cry:

I have a snowmobile to (Mxz 600 HO SDI ) and is very adrenaline push , but with ice race , we race in a environnement more :cry: safe ,and in my book the same feeling (just think to drive your bike at near 50 mph and slide with the throttle wide open ....) Incredible ride , i can`t wait for freezing time

Best Regard`s

This season, I'm gonna try one of these: Winterstuds

The winterstuds (Not the trelloborgs)

are what my buddys run here in Oregon in the slimy wet winters. They say they get 3 or more seasons out of them.

Just try to stay off the rocky as much as ya can!. They work VERY well for wet tree roots/clay. Which we have a LOT of!



The rubber is very hard to hold up to the studs wanting to pull.

I rode my friends KTM450 with these on and it HOOKED UP! where my fresh s12 just spins.

If not, go faster on your bike into the corner.

Yes yes i love it , and i try to show you the picture of my two bike and some picture of the tire , i hope is Ok and i will bring more photo next week CIAO

]Photos Kx and DRZ

I love wheelieing past a snowmobile on a tight river.. the look is priceless!

I don't know about that...My sled is only a 600HO rev...and there is no way any drz is gonna go that fast. studs or not.

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