Biggest f'n knobs ever...

I just bought an IRC M5B for the back of the CRF. I couldnt get a Maxxis in a resonable amount of time, they're back ordered till 11-1.

Anyway, this IRC has the biggest knobs Ive ever seen on a motorcycle tire. If there is such a thing as an envior-friendly tire, this thing is its evil twin :cry:

I just measured the knob hieght. 3/4" In print it doesnt sound like much. Go throw a scale on the rear tire of your bike and think about it...The thing is crazy looking...

Thats my second favorite tire. The Pirelli MT16 is my favorite. They really last long, and hook up till the end.

I used to run those all the time years ago. They do have some huge knobs don't they?

When I was racing hare scrambles I would take the edge off them before a race because the bike hooked up so good it would just wheelie everywhere.

They were a little scary in the rocks though.

welcome to the club,,,,only tire I run in the muck of it at about 8 lbs,,,,it hooks

ps,,,nobody behind you will like you :cry:

You have discovered the tire. The 140-80-18 of the M5B + my old CR meant the people behind me are in serious danger during a throttle opening on a rocky trail. As has been said, it may be the most effective weapon us PNWers have against all the mud. Spread one out on a wide rim and they last forever too. I hear they may be a little squirly at high speeds but I wouldn't know since I always gear everything way down for the mountainous terrain around here.

Chaparral has the Maxxis IT in stock by the way...

I read somewhere the AMA limit on knob height is 3/4".

Check out a Tera-Flex tire if you want to see huge knobs. It's probably the heaviest off road motorcycle tire made in its class. If too much rotational mass is a concern, stay away from this tire. You don't want to ride behind a powerful bike sporting this tire unless you're wearing your armor.

I am riding with shawn tomorrow, but I am sure that i do not have to worry about being behind him!! :cry:

Where did you order it from, every IRC tire I have ever seen is super expensive. My buddies all run Cheng Shin c755's and swear by them. They have some nasty knobs on them too.

This thing dwarfs my Maxxis. It also dwarfs the C755 (530-18) Cheng shin on the spare wheel for my CR500 too.

At first I wasnt too thrilled with it. I had 14 psi in it and it was squirrelly like you cant believe. I dropped the pressure to 8 and it was a lot better. I can see it working in super sandy or loose conditions, but I guess it works ok on more normal stuff too.

I got it off the shelf of the shop around the corner from my house. It'd been on the shelf for at least 3 years :cry:

Ive got two wheels. I guess I'll use it for a practice and general use tire. When I get some more cashola, Im going to pick up a 756RR for races only...

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