1999 YZ400F

Hey guy's, tomorrow I'm going to look at a '99 YZ4. Are there any specific things I should look for/ask? Wish me luck. Thanks.

If you are looking at it with the owner of it, ask if the valves have been checked/adjusted and the oil changed regularly.

Look for a cracked frame around the steering stem, the swingarm chain slider worn and rubbing through the swingarm. These are great bikes I have had one for 3 years now other than the frame cracking and the normal carburator problems (some people never have any problems with any of that stuff I was just lucky!) it has been a super bike. You can get almost any part on ebay for it now. That is where I got my frame for $100, and my Edlebrock carb. new for $125. Good luck

Well, cosmetically it's rough, but it runs awesome. He rebuilt the top end and the valves recently. With a clean up and some new plastic's it would be a great bike. We made him an offer and he's going to call us in a few day's to let us know.

NVM about the 400, see my sig.

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