Anybody reccomend a Toy-Hauler trailer?

Think I'm going to invest in a toy-hauler and am wondering if anyone has reccommendations on the good and bad ones. Trying to keep it low end since I'll also have to upgrade the truck to pull with. thinking 18-22' with the basics; ac, heat, water, crapper, shower, electric, and room for a quad and a couple of bikes. Weekend Warriors are pricey, and didn't seem to put together that well. The Baja trailers are priced, nice but then you get what you pay for, right? Been watch for a good deal.

I've got a beautiful 2001 Carrera 28 with all the bells and whistles for sale for $22,500. This a steel framed, aluminum skinned toy-hauler. Beware of wood framed trailers, there life off-road is seriously reduced.

After six months of looking, I found a new Weekend Warrior 22' for $16,000, including a 4000 watt Onan generator. After looking at alot of junk (two of which actually fell apart as we looked at them on the lot!!!), the WW looked very well built to me and has held up great so far.

Originally posted by CAB:

After six months of looking, I found a new Weekend Warrior...the WW looked very well built to me and has held up great so far.

I'll give my vote to Warrior as well. I've owned a few of them and recently sold my two year 2000 FS2600 Warriors. I have some new 2004 FS3000's on order and was just at Warrior manufacturing this morning to see them being built. Many of my friends have or had Prowlers, Tahoe's, Sandpipers, etc, and some of them now own Warriors after selling their trailers. I will say that my Warriors held their resale value better than any of my friends trailers when they sold them. We also had plenty of people tell us on the phone and in person that they had been looking at all kinds of trailers and kept coming back to Warrior as their number one choice. While the Warrior may not be the best choice for everyone, it certainly seemed to be in very good standing with the many people who inquired about our trailers when we had them for sale. We actually had people lined up 4 deep on one trailer and 2 deep on the other to buy them incase financing fell through, etc.

There's quite a few toybox trailer manufacturers all lumped together in the same general area in California. Warrior manufacturing is right next to Prowler, National, Thor, Fleetwood, etc. There's a lot of nice trailers on the market today to choose from. There's also a huge RV show in Pomona California that happens every year in October and it lasts about a week. All the main stream manufactures are there to show off their goods and it's an excellent place to see & compare everything together all at once. It's also a great place to get opinions from people who've owned certain trailers in the past and to get their insights on various trailers. Here's the link to the RV show incase you're interested. Good luck!


You mentioned you got a steel framed box. How is it made from steel? The floor is probably steel, but I'd think the sides would be pretty heavy. Unless you're talking about steel framing studs that they're using in new homes now a days. And how about a link to this company I've never heard of.


Where'd you get the good deal on the WW and was it used? I couldn't find a WW in Las Vegas for less than $22K.


Thanks for the knowledge and the PM. You sound like you sell the things, if so, where? When I was looking at the WWs I noticed that the little stuff like interior trim and fitting looked a bit rough compared to companies like Tahoe & Wanderer. I guess they put more emphasis on a strong chassis and axles. I did like the newer 03 Tahoe which comes with a stronger axle & frame, and 15" rims for light off-road travel.

Unfortunately, I'm also in the market for a 3/4 truck and I was wanting to keep the truck/trailer combo under $25K. At the moment I'm not sure how much family-use I'll get out of it, so that's why I'm thinking small and cheap. I can always upgrade down the road if the wife digs it and the kids are bigger. Right now it'll probably just be me on overnighters.

Anybody got experience with the smaller ones like the 18' Baja? Found them at the following link and a new RV dealer in town is getting deliver of some 03s.

I appreciate the inputs, good and bad.

Originally posted by FooBarr:

...Qadsan, You sound like you sell the things, if so, where?...

Nope, I'm not a trailer sales guy, but I do buy new trailers every few years for my own use, so I've got trailers to sell every few years. Looks like the company who makes the Baja trailer is also located close to Warrior Manufacturing. I don't know much about the Baja trailer, but I did look closely at their larger Komfort trailers and liked what I saw. If they would have had more cargo room to fit my rail, then I would have more seriously considered it, but I was very impressed with the quality and finish of their Komfort trailer.

I've been to several trailer manufacturing plants and toured them first hand. To some people, it would be a huge eye opening experience because you'd see all kinds of dings, dents and scratches on trailers being built even in the final stages. Hopefully Q/A catches these issue and everything get fixed at the manufacturer, but there's plenty of trailers out there on dealer lots that have small fit and finsih issues and Weekend Warrior is no exception. I'm pretty picky on this and if my trailers have issues, then I make the manufacturers fix them to my liking within reason.

The summer is a slow time for many trailer manufacturers (its a seasonal business) and because of this, some manufacturers lay off a significant portion of their employees who build the trailers. When they hire people back to help ramp up production, they don't always get experienced people back and this causes an increase in the fit/finish and other Q/A issues. Some companies keep their employees through the slow times and simply adjust their work week to less hours and this allows them to retain their expertise with the hope of better providing consistant quality, but that only works if somebody good is looking over everyones shoulder to make sure things are done right. If a trailer company is laying off their work force at slower times and hiring new people when the rush comes in, then it stands to reason that you 'might' get a better built trailer if it was built a few months after the busy season, but just before the slow season starts due to the workers being more experienced. Just some food for thought.

If the Baja trailer is what you finally decide on, get quotes from as many dealers as you can and let them know you're shopping everywhere including out of state. There's nothing I hate more than when an inexperienced sales person whose only out for themselves tries to hussle or push me into buying right then and there. If they get too pushy with me, I'll tell them off and make a scene in front of everyone, file formal complaints, etc. I can understand them trying to make a sale, but some of these sales people aren't looking out for my best interest and just want their commission even if they have to be tricky about things.

Perhaps there's also a tax advantage for you if you buy out of state. If I buy a new trailer out of state and keep it there for 90+ days and then bring it into my state of residance, I don't have to pay sales tax. I do have to bring it to my DMV for inspection, but I get out of paying sales tax and that's a nice bonus. Dealers hate it when you know this and many of them even deny knowing anything about it, but I've done this on several occassions and so have my friends and we've each saved thousands of dollars in taxes alone. You'd have to check into this further with your DMV to see if there's any benefit for you, but it may save you some money. Good luck!

FooBarr -

My Carrera is manufactured by Carson Trailer here in SoCal. The frame, walls and roof are all welded steel tubing with a foam core insulation and a bonded aluminum skin. The trailers are not lite at 7700lbs., but you could park a car on the roof!

These trailers are commercial quality like a WellsCargo. They're not cheap, but should outlast a standard consumer grade trailer by many years. :)

The Website is but the Carrera models are not shown. If you're interested you can PM me and I'll e-mail you some pictures.

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I have a 21' Baja toy hauler for sale. Only used 4 times. New baby forces sale. Let me know if your interested. Also have generator can supply if needed.


Got anymore details on the WW? Model, Year, options? I was looking at buying something next month, that's when I was getting a bonus. But if the price right... hmmmm.

There also might be some others on the forum interested.

Congrats on the baby.


Send me a personal message or e-mail and I'll pass along the name and number to the trailer dealer I bought my WW from.

Seriously consider where you will be using/taking the trailer. I looked for ~1 year before buying my Patio Hauler 351F - it's a 36ft 5th wheel with a living room slide out & a separate 8ft garage. It's great for a week at the desert & developed FS campgrounds but it's way too long for the smaller campgrounds that are at most OHV staging areas. The more I looked at trailers the less I wanted to - construction quality on a RV trailer is crap. It's just a matter of finding the least crappy. Make sure and take a look at the axle/tire combo on the trailer to make sure it's got some margin. I know several people who have had serious tire failures because the stock/standard trailer tires are not rated appropriately for the load.

If you are really trying to stay cheap consider a standard travel travel. You can haul the bike(s) in the bed of the truck. Regular travel trailers are a dime a dozen so you won't feel too bad about beating the crap out of it. In fact, I'm seriously considering buying a 20-22ft TT to use when I go riding w/o the wife. I have found several in my area for under $3K. The Patio Hauler is just too big for me to deal with on a normal weekend by myself.


We found a deal on a 31ft Weekend Warrior 5th wheel. It tows great and seems pretty strong and durable. We were looking at cheaper brands, and this thing had just been traded in for some gigantic rig. We lucked out, I've heard of bent and broken frames on some of the off brand trailer when taking them into rougher terrain. The trailer weighs around 5700lbs empty but can haul around 4500lbs. I agree with Brian, as far as finish inside, they are all pretty crappy, staples and screws loosen up, silicone, glue don't stick, I'm going to find a place to store ours inside, maybe it won't fall apart as fast. I like the idea of a separate garage though.

Originally posted by NVR FNSH:

...It's just a matter of finding the least crappy...

Sadly, this pretty much sums things up fairly well.

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