Changes on the 05's

Just talked to a buddy of mine who works for a local dealer he had a meeting with the Kaw. Rep from what he was told, is that the 05's have different valve springs they are the same part # but they changed them what they changed no body knows yet because these parts aren't readily avaible yet...They also changed the Valve seats to be kinder and genteler on the valves, they have not changed the valves them selves, their theory is that the valves themselves are not the problem...

The 05 valves, springs, retainers, and cams are all identical. The head is different, because of casing and airflow design changes. Softer seats maybe... That is yet to be known. The cdi box and rev limiter changes along with the larger rads will keep these 05's rockin'.. The rev limiter in 2004 caused a lot of the excessive heat in the 2004's... Get a UMI CDI box to raise rev limiter on the 2004??

i work for a dealer in nj i had the 04 got the 05 in sept. the valve seats are changed they are a softer material so they are not as harsh on the valves. the cdi is also changed. intake port is changed and the exhaust port is now straighter. 3rd and 4th gear are stronger new forks seals and new footpegs too. valves and springs are unchanged . i think thats it

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