Looking for riding partner(s) in Oceanside

I just moved to Oceanside a few weeks ago and go riding every Sunday morning early. Anyone else in Oceanside go every weekend? I tend to go alone, but really don't like doing that becuase it's too dangerous. I ride a 450 EXC and usually ride within about two hours of home. I especially like technical stuff, but haven't found much yet. I have been to El Mirage and Ocotillio Wells several times but would like to find something a little less flat.

Hope to hear from somebody!



I dont live in Oceanside but am hoping to go Sunday AM about 45 mintes from you.

Riding alone is a BAD idea...

I don't know if you'll see this in time, but if you'd like to join us (another TTer I'll be meeting for the first time tomorrow, Saturday 10:00 am)), we'll be riding up by Crab Flats/Big Pine Flats (Big Bear Area). Mostly single track/jeep roads (Black Diamond) all mostly technical stuff. Both of us are dual sported as we will be connecting trails on street legal only dirt roads. I'll be up late tonight wrenching so don't hesitate to give me a call (951) 314-5973 or call me tomorrow morning. I'm leaving home around 8:00am.

I especially like technical stuff, but haven't found much yet. I have been to El Mirage and Ocotillio Wells several times but would like to find something a little less flat.

Are you dual sported? Lets go cut some trails out by Lawrence Welk sometime :cry:

Thanks for the replies, but, alas, I am not dual sported...

It looks like I am going to need to get something I can take on the roads as well.


Im not legal either... What are you riding?

Here in Oceanside too. There are a few of us around this area.

El Mirage and O.W. are the most un-likely place to find techical riding. The most insanely tech. trail lay in the hills around Johnson Valley/Lucerne. This is where the majority of the desert races are put on, with a few national caliber events every year. Good stuff!!!

I'm here in Oceanside too. I'd love to get together.

You don't have to be DS'd to ride Lawerence Welk/Deer Springs Rd. Rutted, rocky, technical stuff. :cry:

Weeee, RockafellaRanger and I ride there usually atleast once a week or so. HuskyTone also. Some other guys too but can't remember their names. Feel free to PM me if you want to ride anytime. :cry:

Yes there is some good technical/rocky stuff at Lawrence Welk. I want to start cutting another trail down to the freeway sometime soon. Should be pretty easy with all this rain.

I'm going to ride out there again on Thursday or Friday if anybody wants to join. (since I can't make it to Ocotillo :cry:)

any of u guys wanna go riding friday or sat I'm going for a ride somewhere let me know if u wanna meet up

too busy in the california regional forum?:thumbsup:


too busy in the california regional forum?:thumbsup:


What Scotty is trying to say is that you will get more exposure if you post about Kalifornia riding in the Kalifornia Regional discussion area:prof:

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