flying dutchman harescramble

is anybody else goin to the flying dutchman harescramble the 24th :cry:

no but is there anymore HS around here after nov 1

I think dutchman has one on Nov 7th and one on the 21st.

I was there today.

Rolled up to the track unloaded the bike with a flat rear.

Good thing I had th eHonda Shop put a new tire and tube in last week. I added air and went to th estart and was flat by the time I got there.

FDMC does not refund the entry fee even if you do not start.

that sucks i was there racing 85cc 12-15 the track was real muddy

Do your own tire work and carry spare stuff tubes wheel set etc.. ???? :cry:

Do your own tire work and carry spare stuff tubes wheel set etc.. ???? :cry:

I am looking for a spare wheel set up now. And I do have the tubes I just happen to not think I would need it since I had it done. My mistake I know. Won't happen again.

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