anyone ride sleds?

ive got a 00 polaris pro x 440. ill ride anywhere where theres snow and launch it off anything that can be hit. what do you guys ride, any mods. pictures to if you gote em, i don't.

I here those things are pretty awesome never rode one though.Some of my wifes relatives ride them up by Lake Almnor calif.Sure wuold like to try one out though. :cry: :cry:

2 '96 Polaris Trail 488's :cry:

I have pics, but too lazy right now :cry:

BTW they are one seaters not tourings like most trail 488's.

1992 Yamaha Ovation 340. It's in absolutely mint condition.

gots a 97 indy sport 440 with about 6k miles that i got when i was in 7th grade and just last winter i gots a 99 mxz 670 ho that haauuuls a$$ living in ND you gotta have a sled too! i'd go insane in the winter w/out it :cry:

01 Polaris 700 RMK 144"


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