KLR650 rubbing noise

When I'm riding, my bike is constantly making a rubbing sound. I can only hear it at lower speeds, and I'm about 90% sure its not the brakes because It doesn't stop when I'm using the breaks, unless I come to a complete stop of course. I was thinking maybe it's the bearings in the wheels, because I do keep it outside since I have no place to put it inside. I cover it when I'm not going to be riding for a while, but it does get some weather still. Any advise?




checked simple things like rear wheel out of whack?

chock it up on blocks and spin each wheel freely, see if you can generate the noise that way.

Have someone hold the bike tipped up on the sidestand so you can rotate the wheel freely -- the rear tire on my 650 had some knobs rubbing the chainguard.

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