Removing Warning Stickers from rear fender

What should I do to get these darn things off. They must have been put on with rubber cement! Thanks.

What should I do to get these darn things off. They must have been put on with rubber cement! Thanks.

Power washer. If not use a hair dryer and peel. Then use goof-off to remove the gooey crap.

Try a heat gun or hair dryer....If you can get it hot without melting the fender it should peel off....Getting the glue that is left is another subject...

Once you get the paper part of the decal off, use good old WD40 to remove the glue. Spray the WD on the glue and also soak a spot on a rag with WD40. Use the wet rag to keep the liquid WD on the glue area, wait just a short while, and start wiping the glue right off. Clean the plastic with your normal cleaner once you get the glue off, to get the residual WD40 up.

Good luck

i use a hair dryer and a razor.

What should I do to get these darn things off. They must have been put on with rubber cement! Thanks.

Heat it with blow dryer on hot! Don't melt the plastic!

Then spread some lighter fluid if you have any (AFTER the hair dryer is turned off!)... or use WD40.

My 01 warning stickers shot off with the power washer. Just put it on a almost straight shot a inch or so away from the sticker and say goodby.

Also leavs the plastic pretty clean!

Am I the only hillbilly who uses gas on a rag for those types of things? :cry::cry:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

If you want to take any stickers/decals off your bike all you have to do is take a hair dryer or heat gun to the sticker for about 20 seconds then peel off. super easy, without this it will be VERY hard. Good luck.

Heat it with a hair dryer and peel it right off.

Not hard when you have a powerwasher in your hand :cry:

Dont use goof off! It will dull your plastic/ take away the 'shinyness'

Why would you want to take those stickers off? They look so good and they were put there for a reason.

I crashed mine off. guess i should of read them.

brake parts cleaner does wonders!!! :cry: :cry:

Hair dryer works great. :cry:

Hair dryer works great. :cry:


Tonite I showed my wife how lighter fluid works.

She got these new stainless steel pots and pans.

There was paper stickers on the sides of the pots.

The paper came off with hot water, but the water

wouldn't take off the glue.

I got out the lighter fluid and in three of four swipes

the glue completely disappeared.

She called me her hero. :cry:

Lighter fluid works boys! . . :cry: :cry:

Hairdryer to heat it up and "soften" it up. The goo you can usually lift off using packing tape. I use the clear Scotch packing tape. Stick the tape down to the goo then start lifting it off. When you get a chunk of goo on the tape, stick the goo chunk on the tape to the next goo chunk on the fender. Keep working it and the goo from the sticker can be used to lift the rest of the goo from the fender. Once all the goo is gone from the fender, alcohol (the 91% stuff) on a tissue can be used to get the sticker outline tracer that will inevitably be left after the tape goo process. :cry: Use the goo on the tape to lift the rest of the goo. Try it, it works pretty good.

Has anyone actually even read the warnings they are funny. My friends 4-Wheeler said.

do not drive on roads

do not ride on paved surfaces

do not drive on gravel

do not drive while on drugs

do not consumme alcohol and opperate this ATV

do not attempt any wheelies or any other stunts or jumps

do not carry any pasengers

So I read this while we were all stoped waiting for my friends bike to start and I read it out loud to everyone while laughing and then asked them when,where and how the hell are we supposed to ride these things. :cry:

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