Kickstarter getting eaten by peg, any ideas?

Hey guys. Well, when I was starting up the 250f today, I now know why a chuck is taken off of my kickstarter. It hits the footpag at the end of its stroke.

So every time I kick it, the kickstarter hits the peg, and shaves off a little bit of metal.

Any iseas how to fix this or just gotta let it be?

Learn that it's the speed of your kick, and not the power that starts the bike. You do no have to kick it until you hit the stop. But you have to learn to kick it fast.

It should be fine. Theres an area on there where it looks like its made to take some of it, You will see a small section where there will be a little bit more reinforcement on the kickstarter. What I did though was just moved it forward a few notches.

That block that is raised off the kickstarter so that hits the peg, half of it is broken off. That's why I'm getting worried.

i dont quite understand but i hope this helps

mine has some scaring on it i think everyones does

dont move the starter foward a few notches, to me it would seem worse for the bike, what stops the kick starter, somthing internal. so i would say this is not a good thing a kick starter is alot cheaper than a kick starter shaft

I put a short piece of 1/2 inch radiator hose over mine. I split it and put two zip tys on it. rotate every couple of rides and replace when it is all chewed up.


I put a short piece of 1/2 inch radiator hose over mine. I split it and put two zip tys on it. rotate every couple of rides and replace when it is all chewed up.


Probably try that and see how it works. Thanks.

For those who don't understand, I'll take a pic tomorrow.

dude i wouldn't even worry about it but the radiator hose does sound like a good, quick fix.

ive had my 250f for a few months now and havn't noticed this problem. good luck.

I have the Fastway pegs and my kickstarter kept getting jammed at the bottom of the stroke and catching behind the peg. To fix it, I tack welded a short (1.5") piece of 1/4" square stock to the back of the peg to make a hard stop for the kickstarter. Now the kickstarter hits the same place every time and doesn't get caught or chewed up anymore.

I know just what your talking about. Mine was doing the same thing. I suggest fixing it. Mine got eaten away to the point that it was cocking the kickstarter to the side and it broke the kickstart shaft. cost $130 bucks, plus I still needed to by the replacement kickstarter. As for controlling the power of the kick, that is easier said then done on a hill with 25% loose rock grade.

Once that large flat spot that was designed to take the force is half worn away the radiator hose idea doesnt work so well anymore. I bought a new kickstarter and then put the radiator hose on there. that has protected it well.

You can get the BBR kick starter.It doesnt hit the peg.

My bike has this little button on the bars that seems to never touch the footpeg. I am glad the kick starter is there though. Would have had to push home earlier this year.

I did a search on this problem some time ago. My buds 01 250f had the same problem. Turns out that Yamaha fixed the problem mid 01. They wont recall it but if you order a new kickstarter it wont chunk out like yours is.

But there was a problem and yamaha adressed it mid year. It is something about how that block wasn't hittint the peg right.

Ok, finally put up pictures on my site, since I have nothing else to do now. So here are the pictures I said I would post up....



The first picture is just a shot of the chunk taken off. If you have a good eye, you can see that a little piece of the block is still there. The second picture was when I held the decomp in and pushed down the kickstarter till it hit the peg. Notice where it hits, about only half of the block if it were there...

BTW, I tried the hose idea. Two kicks and it ate up :cry:

You could probaly put some JB weld on it to thicken it up. I took a look at my bike and the kick starter looked exactly like yours. :cry:

Allright. I knew if I looked hard enough I could find what I was looking for. Had to look back to 2001 to find it but here it is

Click here for Past post

This line in particular

I could not get my dealer or Yamaha to cover the defect so I bought a new lever and noticed the top third of the casting was shaped differently and the new one lines up perfectly with the stop.

Maybe this will help.

Thanks a lot YZman. I'll start looking on ebay for a new kickstarter. You think a 03 kickstarter work?

You can get the BBR kick starter.It doesnt hit the peg.

is there one for a 150F... i have the same problem and it sure is a mother.... if you could post a link i'd appreciate it alot.... thanks :cry:

My kicker looks the same, but now I kick with faster shorter strokes. The kicker hasnt chunked much at all in months. Change the way you are kicking it over. You will have to change your Decomp Cam.


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