XR650L Exhaust Baffle removal

Has anyone removed the exhaust baffle on the XR650L? I did so on my XR200R and the improvement was amazing! There are 2 tack welds which hold the baffle in place on the 650L. I realize you could blow the $250 on an FMF, but it couldn't be any more open than the stock without the baffle...


2002 XR650L

1999 XR200R

1996 ATK 250

It depends on whether you care about what it sounds like. The xr650L, with the baffle removed, sounds quite horrible. Much worse than any after market pipe or insert.

What insert (baffle replacement), and\or exhaust do you recommend?

Anyone still have their OEM baffle? I need one.

Why don't you wait until you get it running first ?

You want a nice sound/improved flow without the bother of repacking.get a late model XR600R muffler..sounds better and flows a little better than stock ..



Cool thx for the tip. I just want to put a baffle in there cause I know that when I finally do start it up it will be loud as hell. Still have to do the carb and get a battery.

They're NOT loud without the inner baffle.

I am saying that the stock exhaust with no baffle is loud

I'm saying it's NOT. Have you got the bike running yet ?

It's not terribly loud without the insert (it's more a pipe surrounded by packing, like the middle of glasspack muffler).

Was cleaning the bike yesterday and oiled the drive chain with gear oil then discovered that the counter shaft is done.. finnito.   RIP  counter shaft.... So instead of just cleaning the carb and changing the oil just to be able to ride it for a day or two, Maybe just go for the engine/ trans rebuild and do the 2nd and 5th gear mod and counter shaft replace NOW

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