CRF-250X ride report compared to my DRZ

I rode a friends 250X today. Very nice QUaLITY feeling motor. Great ergos and narrow light but strong frame. I liked the bike alot. The power band was good, but clearly it is not a 400 although fast... I know for me, a BIG guy, 6'5" 260lbs, I swallow up most bikes, but this bike is too small in physical presense, 4 stroke power and the frame feels small too definitly compared with my big guy DRZ rig. wheasr the WR 450 I rode was a larger frame feeling bike. I don't know the specs..someone may shoot me down here, but the two fifty seemed smaller in size then the WR450 and is definitely not my DRZ - If I were a 6 foot 16 year old I may like the 250.

conclusion - for a grown up big guy the little bitty 250 four strokes are not my cup of tea. I need more bike. The lighter weight of the 250 was nice but it's just not the bike for me.

I need a big boy bike..... that is now known.... I also now need to ride a 250 2 stroke and see the power as compared to the 400s.... one bike ride at a time.

Hey bob, I went out to the desert with a friend this yesterday, he has a '03 kx250. I rode it and it is really hard to ride compared to the drz. The power is either on or off depending on rpm, and it's really buzzy. My feet were going numb! On the other side, it hauls a$$ and lands with a lot more composure than the drz.

yeah I haven't rode a 2 stroke yet. I need to do that soon for comparison. You jump your DRZ pretty high I know from your pics. That's cool the KX flys better.

I guess you would expect that from a MX bike. My DRZ is sprung for my weight and jumps and lands fine at 2-4 feet off the ground but daaamn if even if I could jump higher with confidence, I don't think I want that big DRZ and me any higher then that.

Next year at this time I will buy a second bike. I'm focused now on the Husqvarna TE-510 or the 450. there is a good dealer nearby. the bike is only 237 lbs dry. that is 20lbs lighter then the 450X and the KTM 450 and 525 exc.

Keeping the DRZ as I have it moded up just for me and its just one sweet ride.........but having a Husky pure dirt machine in my stable would be really cool.

I have 4200 miles on my Z in the first year allready. how about you?

Big DRZ ??? I just sold my '03 XRL650 and bought a new DRZ "S".This thing feels like a mini bike compared to the "L".And yes ,i do have a YZ 426F.And had a CR500R.For 11 years.Bob ,i don't know what your looking for. :cry:

I'm not LOOKING for anything. I have the money to afford two bikes.

Well , it seems your "looking" for another bike.Don't fret my friend,i have three and am "looking for number 4.I'm just saying da' DRZ ain't that bad.In fact ,the more i ride it,the more i'm impressed.I've had 35 + bikes,mostly off-road,and this stupid 400 has me feeling like a school girl. :cry:

I am going to have to agree with bigbob on the 250 thumpers. My first ride on a friends 03 WR250F and it is not for me at all (I was thinking about). It felt like a mini bike (I'm 5'11, 200lb), loved the suspension, it handles good, but where was the power.. To much shifting for me, and vary hard to shift gears. All this talk about weight, the light weight issue did not jump up and impress me at all, I found that kinda strange becouse I thought it would.

Ya my friend just traded off his crf 450 for a crf250 and thought it was all that till it came time to follow all the drz's up the big hill climbs! He's a district 11 hare scramble champ so he's no slouch rider either. He tried to blame it on his tires in defense of the little red machine that could but as we all stood up top waiting we could clearly see that it was no DRZ! The little bike that could is nice yes but perhaps better suited for 100lb kids or something??? He was hooking up too but the bike kept looping on him and that just did not look like his riding style at all. Maybe he's thinking he's still on his 450??? :cry:

Well , it seems your "looking" for another bike.Don't fret my friend,i have three and am "looking for number 4.I'm just saying da' DRZ ain't that bad.In fact ,the more i ride it,the more i'm impressed.I've had 35 + bikes,mostly off-road,and this stupid 400 has me feeling like a school girl. :cry:

I agree.... see I have had only two bikes before my 03 DR-Z400S. When I was 12, I had my dad's 1968 Honda CB100, then when I was 15 I bought my own Honda SL125.

So my plan is to ride as many bikes as I can over the next year and narrow down my search.... I'm a newbie so I have no reference experience to 35 bikes like you. What I agree with you and others here is that by riding other bikes I also find true perspective on my own DRZ. It continues to Rock my world. I have only riden 3 other bikes now

XR650R - a vibrating bus

CRF-250X - nice LITTLE red bike..... will the 450X be the big bad wolf?

and a 2004 WR450F - that was the only bike of the 3 that was more bike then the DRZ in my humble opinion, but hey we knew that going in its a 450 and more competition motor then my CA dual sport. The point is my DRZ climbs every hill and rides every trail that yamaha does and I'm dual sported.

I like the Husqvarna TE510.... the 05 model with the bigger 2.4 gal tank. take a look:

this bike and its brother TE-450 is 20 lbs lighter then the CRF 450X will be and the KTM 450 and 525 exc models are. A big bad HUSKY wolf could be a sweet stable mate for my Dual sport Mr reliable all good trail king DRZ next year!

go ahead tell me why I wouldn't want a TE-510 sitting next to the DRZ :cry: :cry:

go ahead tell me why I wouldn't want a TE-510 sitting next to the DRZ :cry: :cry:

Bob, price of parts and getting them. Seems they come over on a real slow boat. KTM Parts are the same way. Do what I did, I have a road plated WR450F, have a street bike and a killer woods bike all in one model! ;-) I do own a 02 KLR650 for those long dual sport rides, but wont do any trails with it, the worst terrain I'll do with it is forest service roads.

well I'm glad parts is my only concern. See I figure I have the DRZ for all it's good reasons like aftermarket parts and 2 day delivery on suzuki parts special orders, 5 day normally. I can live with a second bike being more of a pain when it comes to parts n such.

I like some KTMs too and still need to ride a 2 stroke,,look at husabergs.... its all in the store for me know. My intent is to really know what and why when I'm ready to buy.

thanks for the parts alert. Yes the 2005 WR450F is in my viewfinder too. no need to plate it, can't anyway here in CA. I only need one dual sport plate in the family. :cry:

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