Helmets..Not Moto-X, and Not Street...Any suggestions?

I've been using my HRC Moto-X helmet and it just feels strange on the street. Plus, many unfamiliar to dual-sport give me a look like they're expecting me to throw a Superman or Lay-Z-Boy on the first bump in the road...So, I'm trying to find something a little in between a full-face street helmet, and the traditional MX helmet/facemask setup. Any suggestions? :cry:

the arai xd supermoto helmet is exactly what your looking for, check it out on ebay.IT is THE SH%T!!! :cry:

You wouldn't happen to be the seller of the one listed, would ya? :cry: -- I want a solid color, but if the price is right, I'll buy that one...By the way, thanks for the help to those posting.

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