Help Breaks?

I have a kx250 04 runs great now but have a minor problem i need help with my front disc brake calipers pretty much there stuck together no tires on it. I need help on know how to open them without harming the pads? :cry:

You can push both pads toward the pistons. This will bleed the oil back up into the mastercylinder. Or you can carefully pry the 2 pads aprt with a small pry bar (screw driver), or you can open the bleed screw on the calipre and release the built up pressure. Then push the pads open... Then tighten the bleed screw..

open up the bleed screw and squeeze the lever until there is no resistance. Then the pads should pull back pretty freely. You'll have to refill the line and bleed it but your pads will be in one piece. May I ask how they got stuck?

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