Anybody know where this washer goes?

Not sure because the pic isnt totally clear but it looks like the washer that goes under the valve cover bolts. Had one fall off on me one time and first time rode it oil went everywhere.

Thanks but its not that one. we have all of those. this one is sort of bluish and on the thick side for a washer. sorry for the blurry picture.

another pic - hope its better


Looks like one of the thick grade 8 washers used on the large 10mm head bolts/nuts???????

I second what MED says. Looks like one of the head bolt washers. It's really easy to check, just pull the valve cover and look at each of the four head nuts to see if one is missing.

Hmm I hope you would have noticed a missing head bolt washer when you put the top end back on. Are you sure it came off the bike?

now you guys got me wondering the same thing.... it was in the box with the rest of the parts from the teardown and it wasnt a old box. its not a head bolt as we have removed the head twice (trying to figure out where the compression went) and couldnt have forgotten it both times.

any chance it is from the clutch that we replaced also?

Looks like the washer the goes on the crank right behind the flywheel nut. Maybe you forgot it on another bike...

i second spinyard's guess. it lookes like the washer that goes under the flywheel nut.

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