My bike's New Outfit!


What do you think? Oh and half of you will say "Nice clutch lever"

I think it looks awesome, perfect colors. Very, very, very nice. :cry:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

haha nice pic. your clutch lever looks just like mine, i'm to lazy to get it fixed. did you have a hard time with anything? putting the fork guard graphics on was a [@#$%&*!] for me because of how yamaha's have their brake routing. i got it looking good when it was finished though, just nerve racking!! didn't want to mess it up!!

Thanks guys :cry: Actually i've put on all of my friends graphics before, and two of my own, so i'm pretty good at it now :cry:

Looks good man, the white is a good touch. Looks like you did everything without bubbles and whatnot. Who makes the white fenders?

:cry: :cry: :cheers:Sweet.

very very nice :cry:

im jeleouse :cry:

how much did all that set you back?

if you don't mind me asking.

Oh and half of you will say "Nice clutch lever"

ya right, nice clutch lever :cry: :cry:

anyway, nice bike!! :cry:

my 2002 yz125 wasn't as nice as ya yz. :cry:

Looks GREAT!

its nice, but its still a 2 stroke

Yeah those backgrounds were a pain in the @$$, but i did it with no bubbles :cry: Plastics were from UFO plas. Graphix, plastics, backgrounds, and seat cover set me back 250...

I see in your bike post it says ProCircuit fatty. Is ProCircuit coping FMF or did you make a mistake? :cry:

How is ProCircuit copying FMF?

my cluth is the same way :cry:

I think what he's trying to say is that FMF makes the Fatty pipes and titanium silencers, not Pro Circuit as it says in your signature.

Very clean bike!!! Looks great! :cry:

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