New rider with tire question

Hi.....had my XR400 for a while now but don't get to do much riding. The last time I did go I was having all kinds of rear traction problems in the wet. Most of the ground around here is clay, with some places being a little more loose. Can anyone recommend a good rear tire for my bike. thanks in advance.

Micheline S12 for soft/loose terrain. I've got both front and rear, brand new. I'm loving it. Its my 2nd back S12. Fairly good wear too. Easiest tire ever to change.

Pirelli MT16 Front and Rear. Great tire for varying conditions. Wears good too.

Clay/Wet/Mud/dry/steep/slick- S12 front and rear seems to be the consensus of everyone I know with one exception: Dunlop 773. He runs them front and rear on his KTM250exc and would not go with anything else. I've only used the 773 on the back of my wife's TTR125LE and it seems to be working very well. The neighbor uses the 773 front and Starcross MS2 rear on his kids KX85 and they like the combination.

The roost coming up looks a little like sand roost from a paddle. It makes sort of waves...

Excellent tires. I'm going faster on our trails than I ever have before.

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