Bike is starting to pop (back fire) a little

had the Yosh and new jettiung for about 4 months now. all is good but just in the last 3 rides. i hear more poping when I accererate and then back off on the throtlle quickly... like up I power 3/4 throttle up a short hill and oh here comes a qucik down hill rut, so i back off the throttle quickly and pop pop two back fire.. thats when it happens.

whats up with that. poping is lean right? it worked good for 4 months --- hmmmmm crab geting soiled??? naw how baout fuel screw needs a 1/4 turn to richen it up??

if so which way adds more fuel. clockwise?

popping is rich, backfiring is lean...adjust the fuel screw as needed..... :cry:

yes it did get colder. i was thinking that. but now Dom has me confused when is a pop not a back fire?? I thought they were the same. if not this is more of a pop. I'll try the screw out 1/4 turn first.


it's a pop. so that is lean. I'll turn the screw out like you said. Still loving the 525 exc? did you raise the bars any? what bout the hayabusa, would you recomend a new one as second bike. the 525 is on the list.... should hayabusa be too?

I'm looking at the husqvarna TE 510. the 05 is dry weight 237! thats amazing.

Oh I turned out my fuel screw today 1/4 turn and the poping is gone. thanks for the tip. Funny little things carburetors are. THe DRZ was rocking my world today!!! had some perfect dirt at a local woods spot to ride in.... that bike is something special. :cry:

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