Decompression Lever Clearance

Checked my valves tonight and everything is fine except for the right exhaust valve is a little loose (0.014). I'll order the Hot-Cam shim kit and take care of that when it comes in.

My question is regarding the decompression lever. With a 0.014 guage between the valve and the rocker arm, the clearance between the rocker arm and the decompression arm is 0.014, which is spec.

Is that cool or should I compensate for the looseness in the valve clearance? :cry:

Of course, right now the total is 0.028, should I tighten the lever so the total is the 0.025 mentioned in the manual?

Thank you for any/all input. :cry:

I would tighten it up till you get the shims.

I'll do that then.

Thanks for your response. :cry:

Hey Robert, when are you going to get an 05? Or are you waiting on the 06 :cry:

I'm sticking with the '03. It had about an hour on it when I bought it and you know how much I ride. It should last me a lifetime! :cry:

I have ridden out NFMX a few times recently and will probably head down HardRock this weekend.

Later. :cry:

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