bike shuts off

You need to check the float needle and seat . It sounds like the needle is not closing and the fuel is going out the overflow tube. That is where I would start!

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look at these possible probs.

Have a problem, need some advice.

I have a 90 xr600r It doesn't seem to stay running.It will start when I kick it over but will

stop 10 sec. later. At first I thought I needed to switch it to reserve, so I did. While I proceeded to kick it again gas was coming out of

the small line at the bottom of the carb on to the ground. I looked in the tank, I had enough

gas for it NOT to be on reserve. so I switched it back to ON. It stopped leaking gas. Then I tried again With choke on half, it fired for another 10 sec. then the same thing.

Any suggestions or advice would be great. :):D

Sounds like there may be too much air getting to the carb. Have you looked into this yet? Just a suggestion. I have a xr250 that the boot between the carb and cylinder was cracked. The bike would start for 10secs or so then die.

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