what does "dropping the clutch" mean on a bike


When you rev up the bike and let go of the lever, which engages the clutch quickly.

like poppin it right? i do that some times.....is it bad for your bike? and if so, what part is it bad for?

Engaging the clutch quickly is not that big a deal on a dirt bike. Don't worry about it. :cry:

But if you DROP it too fast,it Will blow thru the bottom of the cases ! :cry:

Its bad for the chain sprokets and the clutch basket. These parts eventualy wear out but if you dump your clutch alot it will wear these parts out quiker. After you go thruo a set or two of clutch plates you mite notice a catchy clutch. Or a clutch that does not engage or dis engage proporly. This will be doe two the fingers on the metal plates beating groves into the fingers on the basket or outer clutch hub. You may even brake a finger of the basket and that ain't gona be good if you have that big peace of metal flopen arond inside your engin. I would not do this any more than you have to.

if you dump your clutch alot

But what does dump the clutch mean????????????? :cry:

lamens terms... Dump the clutch= hold LEFT lever in all the way with your LEFT hand...and let your LEFT hand go really fast, thus engaging the clutch instantly. end result=you will spend some cashish on new clutch plates, and your bike will either wheelie, or just lurch away and die.

That's what happened to Ricky C's bike at Vegas :cry:

Ride on


haha yeah i was watching that race. was it just me or was he wearing red gear on a suzuki?

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