oil filter on 230?

well, i've ridden my bike a couple hours now, so I decided to change the oil since it's a brand new bike... went to the shop and told them i needed oil and a filter for the CRF230...got some oil (the GN4 stuff) and a filter (15412-MEN-671)... my question is... whree the heck does the filter go? I dont' see any mention of a filter in the manual, just the metal screen that is in with the drain plug... what am I not seeing?


There is no such thing as a filter for this bike. Instead there is a "centrifigual oil filter" that you do not replace. It spins the oil and the heavy stuff flys to the edges, while the oil goes through to lubricate the bike.

Dunno what you bought.

As for cleaning the centrifigual oil filter, you will need to do this every season or so.

is the centrifugal filter the metal screen thing that is in with the drain plug?


nope. Its on the clutch side. You will have to remove the clutch cover to acess it.

It appears your shop has sold you something you do not need. There is no spin on filter for these bikes. (I presume that was what you purchased) Other than changing your oil regularly, and inspecting and cleaning the screen, that is all that is required for normal maintenance. I do not recommend that you go into the clutch side to clean the centifugal cleaner. Unless you are in there for some clutch work, This system will operate for the entire engine life cycle, collecting miniscule particles, and doesn't need regular "maintenance". If you have "smoked" a clutch than this is the only reason you should need to clean this system, and you'll be in there anyway to put in your new parts. Besides, you may in fact destroy the screws trying to remove them, and should order/purchase new ones prior to servicing this part in the event your dealer doesn't have them(screws) in stock. They are very tight, and seem to be made of "soft" steel.

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