drz250 needle

Hi all. I am following the posts about the drz250 jettings. Quesion is how do i access the needle? I unscrewed 4 security torques from the side of the carb, but there is a little gold rod lookin thing that slides up into the air funnel and will not allow me to take that side cover off. I think that i can access the needle that way. The other way i thought is to take the screw off of the throttle shaft and raise it out but i can not figuire that out either. Help please. Thanks.


Never mind. I got it! broxys helped me out. Well I guess that that little gold rod may have been like an accelerator pump or something like that? It squirts gas when the throttle is pressed. To access the needle you need to supposedly take the gold colored top off of the carb and access the two allen head screws at the bottem and then you an lift out the needle aparatus. Thanks guys.

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