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mini-ish motard tires and sizing

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okay so i've called up some local wheelbuilders and i'm feeling good about my plans to sm my wifes wee super sherpa (a 250 thumper). the bike currently has a 2.5" x 18" rear rim with a 110/something tire on the back and a 2"ish x 21" front rim with a 90/something rim on the front.

my question is, i'm looking at the bridgestone bt45's (got any better suggestions?) to mount onto 2.5 x 17" on both the front and rear and i was wondering...

1. i measured a good 20+mm clearance on -both- sides of the rear (with the stock 110) so do you think a 130 would easily fit? i would think so since it would leave a little more than 10mm on each side which seems like it would be more than enough on a bike with such little hp.

2. if the 130 would fit, would you lean towards a 130/80 or 130/90? i'm thinking 80 since it would be on the smaller side of rim width and their 80 is H rated compared to V. which is closer to weight and speed of her bike.

the info i'm researching from is on this page...




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