400 exc

Hello all ive just swaped from a drz to ktm 400 exc 2001 model and everyone i ride with keeps going on about there not reliable and blow up all the time.Is this true ?(none of them own a ktm by the way.Im thinking of taking it for a engine stripdown and rebuild just for peice of mind ,do you think it is worth it or am i wasting money ?.Other than changing oil and filters every 500 miles or so what else should be done .the bike has done around 3000 miles i think.Thanks matt.

It seems like people who talk about unreliable and expensive to fix KTMs don't own one, but are "experts" about KTM problems.

Change your cam gear to the late one - about $30. Might as well change cam bearings while you are in there. I put 1800 miles of hard core dirt riding on mine last season with no probems, just normal maintainance. I change my oil every 10 hours which is about 150 miles.

Just ride it and enjoy it, it's a great bike.


Dont take this the wrong way, but could you please put a bit more thought into your thread title?

Imagine the forum index page if all it consisted of was a list of threads entitled 400exc; 450sx; 525MXC etc :cry:

Dont take this the wrong way, but could you please put a bit more thought into your thread title?

Ditto. Too general and will likely be ignored. As for 400 reliability, my experience and that of my riding friends who own the 400 has been excellent. Mine is an 02 with nearly 5,000 thus far trouble free miles. Just keep up with regular maintenance and fix the known problems: cam gear especially. I've also had to replace the WP seals, cam bearings and side stand. Otherwise, the bike has been flawless. I am a huge XR fan and still own one so my reliability standards are high and I'd buy another KTM in a second.

thanks for the replies.

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