SHIFTING Question? - hard to shift

we were riding in rainy conditions at SanJacinto MX Park today and after much riding and muddy rainy condtions My bike became difficult to ship as well as my brothers CRF450 and my son;s KX60 it was hard to get it into 4th.

What do ya'll think?

Dave :cry:

Are you on the gas in a hard pull and trying to shift?

My best guess is that the clutch got hot and started to get grabby.

WAsh the bikes and change the oil in them and see if it gets any better... I've never had that happen before.

Well I wasn't pulling to hard I guess - I mean I would let off the gas and try to shift, would have to shift down and then back up

I have cleaned the bikes and just changed the oil and cleaned the scotts' filter before I went riding.

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