03 KLX 300 need shift kit?

Was the shifting problem resoved by 03 or does it still need the upgrade?

Thanks in advance . . .


Don't know, but you should. If you hit a lot of neutrals going from first to second gear, you need the shift star mod. I heard the shift star, ACR mod and kickstart gear were all improved on later models. Bill???

Hi there,

Just my personal experience ....

I have an '05 model and the shift star needed to be modded so I would say they haven't fixed the problem. Even with the shift star it still is far from perfect ....

I have the Four Stroke Works shift kit......fantastic improvement!!!!

I believe they did change the shift star at some point recently (last couple of years), but it sounds like it's still not optimum. Go to planetklx.com and there are easy "how to" descriptions that will take you through doing your own.

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