Fork and axle alignment

Just regreased my sons steering stem bearings,looking for best method to make sure theres no fork binding and proper axle alignment. Thanx in advance

The axle setup on the KX/RMZ is simple. Have the bike up on a bike stand. Tighten the Axle nut by holding the axle only, Do not tighten any pinch bolts YET. Then, take the bike off the stand and push down on the front forks several times with the brake applied. This centers the axle clamping area when the forks are collapsed. Snug one pinch bolt on each fork, then set the bike back on it's stand and torque all four properly. Double check the axle for torque too.

When re-installing the front wheel keep the axle clamp bolts loose and torque the alxe bolt to spec. Lift the front tire off the ground and spin it quickly. Stop it from spinning with the front brake. Repeat this 3-4 times then torque the axle clamp bolts to spec. The wheel,lower and upper tubes will now be true.

Try this if you find the fork action stiff/sticky/binding when sitting on the bike pushing down on the bars while holding the front brake.

do what bucket said.

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