This bike is light!!

was looking at the husky USA site and found the TE bikes are light...only 237lbs for the TE510... wow the KTM 450 and 525 EXC are 258lbs.......the new CRF-450X will be 257lbs.

Thats awesome. how'd they do that?

the tires come from the factory filled with helium... :cry:


went to a local suzuki dealer who carrys H and all he had was 1 TC 450. The bike is sweet. fits me ok. I could roll the bars forward some till I replace them. I'll definitely have to change out the springs for my weight.

I'm really thinkin about the TE-510. the H dealer is an hour away and not open on sundays I'll have to check his cloection out soon. :cry:

hate to burst your bubble, but the bike is actually heavier then they say it is, put it on a scale, it is quite a bit more then 237....

If you weigh the TE450 on accurate scales it weighs 118Kg about 259lbs.

Manufactures weight figures never match up to reality.The Japs are just as bad.

Like every other brand out there never compare a brochure weight to a scale weight, they just are not the same!

that's nice....but what do all bikes weigh? and I suppose my DRZ weighs 320lbs?

until I buy a scale, when the published data says one bike is 20lbs lighter then the other I'm gonna believe it is lighter... on paper anyways

I mean 20lbs is not a small difference......... I accept the bike is lighter by (by some amount)then the 450X and the KTMs and if it aint who cares.... hey the CRF is like 225 right? so why cant a TE 450 be 237 - its possible

why is the 450x 259 and not closer to tyhe CRF MX bike.... dont tell me the lights weigh 30lbs...

my only point is the listed weight of the Huskys is a lot lighter then the 450x and KTMs

no bubble just a comment.

Yesterday, I rolled my TC450 up on the calibrated/certified freight scale at work. It weighed in at 255 Lb. with oil and a full tank of gas. With gas being roughly 5.5 pounds per gallon, and add in another 2 Lb. for motor oil, it stands to reason that the "dry weight" is near 242 lb. I know that it's more than the claimed 233 Lb, but I can live with it.

how much does brake fluid weigh and the radiator coolant?

dry is DRY

Looks like we are short of opinions:

The May issue of Dirt Rider weighed the following bikes full of fuel, oil and ready to ride. Here's what they printed as honest full wet weights.

Honda XR650R = 302 lbs.

Suzuki DRZ400E = 295 lbs.

KTM520 E/XC = 272 lbs.

Husaberg FE600E = 285 lbs.

Honda XR400R = 278 lbs.

Yamaha WR400F = 276 lbs.

Kawasaki KLX300 = 271 lbs.

Gasgas is claiming their '05 FE 450 will weigh 248 with all fluids- no fuel. The '04 450 FE weighed in at 260 with all fluids no fuel on the dealer floor using a bath scale on each end, adding the two figures 140 front/130 rear. We spaced the non-weigh end with a phone book.

248?- fire up the fat man scale.

I did the old "put the bathroom scale under each tire and add 'em together" trick yesterday on my TE510, front light kit on, kicker on, full tank of fuel. I got right at 260 lbs. Seems about right to me, add 5 lbs for the kick and the front light/speedo over what you got for your TC450.

Never the less, you don't feel the bike's weight so much when it is in motion. It's not really heavey feeling when I load and unload the TE510 from the trailer. I ride mostly open desert double and singletrack stuff. It handles like a champ. The suspension helps the bike feel light over jumps and in dips as it never seems to bottom. Other bikes I have that are lighter actually feel heavier than the TE510 when moving and jumping because of the suspension and will bottom on the same terain. The TE510 is the best feeling and handling dirt bike (and most powerful) I've ever had the pleasure to ride regardless of it being a little "chubby". I suspect it will feel a little heavey in tight and knarly woods stuff where speeds are slower and there are more verticle obsticals, but I've been spending all my ride time in the desert which is 10 minutes from the house. I don't think I could ask for a better bike for the type of riding I do. :cry:


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