converting DR350R to S

I am about to get a 96 DR350R and i would like to make it street legal I found a S wiring harness (that includes CDI and Horn) Will this work and what else do i need (expect DOT headlight,Taillight and left switch)??

The bike is totaly stock, are the 96 DRs hard starters? I never had a kicker so it will be kinda hard the first days :cry:

I wouldn't worry about the starting any. Supposedly the later ones start easier.

As for the "S" situation, my first instinct would be to get an add-on light and signal setup like a Baja Designs, or some other brand, and not try to replace the wiring harness.

Those are going for $400 i think is way to much for a bike that i bought for $1000. :cry:

I think you'll need dual filament bulbs so you have high/low headlight and running/stop tail light. In Texas, you don't need turn signals to be legal. You need a mirror, horn, headlight, tail/brake light.

i know for all this (i did my DRZ) but i asking if the S wiring harness is a good idea to start with :cry:

I would guess it is, but I was thinking that you'll still have to buy a new left hand switch pod, head, tail, and turn lights, plus a horn while all that stuff should be in your Baja kit. You may also want to keep an eye out on eBay for a cheaper setup, or the bits, and pieces to put your harness to use.

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