XR 80 hard starting

Hi guys my sons 02 XR 80 has been getting harder to start when hot. It starts ok cold but Its to the point he can hardly start it any more after he falls. I have to kick it hard 4-5 times to get it running. The filter is clean and air box is all stock. Valves adjusted .002 in and ex. Carb has stock jets and is clean. Bike is total stock. Help guys.


Any ideas?

Sometimes when A bike falls over the carb will flood the cylinder because the floats can't shut off the gas.Gas flows in like crazy.This is normal.This may not be your problem but every time I fall over my bike takes several kicks to get it restarted.

Also when you fall, a lot of the time you need the hold the throttle wide open for about 2 or three kicks. Or if it doesn't start with regular 1/8 throttle, then hold it wide open and it will usually fire right up. But don't think any four stroke will start up after being on the ground for more than a few seconds. (Just ask Doug Henry) It also seems like every bike has its own ritual about starting after a fall, it might take a little while to get it down.

I guess I should also say that its hard to start even if he stalls it with out falling over.. 4-5 kicks. I have to kick it really fast for it to start.


Check the compression.

Be sure the carb is clean, especially the pilot jet.

Be sure the cam chain is adjusted and valve lash is in spec.

Be sure there is no air leak between the carb and head.

Set the carb adjustments to stock, if you have played with them. Check the carb settings, kids have been known to try carb tweaking!

Get a Denso Iridium plug.

Robert :cry:

I'll try the plug, got a p/n? Whats good numbers for the comp test?

Thanks guys


As far as the plug, Denso has a direct cross for the XR80/100.

I dont have my shop manual handy, maybe someone else will come up with the figures. You ought to get the manual!

Robert :cry:

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