XR 80 automatic clutch...does anyone make one?

Well, I thought that getting my 11 year old daughter used to the manual clutch on the XR80 I got her would work. It's not :cry: ...she is constantly wanting to get on her younger brother's CRF70, even though it is a little small for her. The fun factor for her would be A LOT better if I could get her on the 80 if I can put a auto clutch on it. Does anyone know if there is such a conversion and if not, can anyone recommend a bike in the XR80 size range with a automatic clutch. Thanks tons in advance for any help/advice I can get on this. :cry:



Get in touch with Mike at Honda Trail Bikes. They've always been VERY helpful and seem to know anything and everything.... www.hondatrailbikes.com

try www.rekluse.com they might have something

I heard a rumor that Z-start is working on one.

Keep her on the manual clutch, then with the $ you save, buy her an "at-a-girl" gift for sticking with it. Then with time you save by not having to install the auto kit, take her riding a few more times. She'll learn to love it and thank you later for not switching to auto.

I agree, its just not the same with auto clutch, aswell as costing you.


I know it's a Yamaha but they make a TTR 90 With an auto clutch and a 3 speed. Might be too short for het though! :cry:

Rekluse and Z-Start are the same thing in case anyone is confused.

There is always the drz110 by Suzuki/klx110 by Kawasaki.

It is slightly bigger than the xr/crf70, it is a 3spd automatic, and you could probably trade straight-up for your 80.

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