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My New Galfer Wave Roter!

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These are photo's of my new Galfer Wave Rotor front disc. I also installed the Gold Galfer Brake pads as well.

Looks cool Hey! And they Brake HEAPS better too! I'd say, it has about twice as much braking force! I can do Stoppies with out even trying! :cry:

My old disc was actually half a millimetre under minimum! So I orded the wave disc from Galfer and some pads. I only just put it on yesterday. Took it for a ride straight after, but it felt weaker than the old one! But then I realised, I had to first wear them in, So I got em HOT to wear al the crap off the new pads and dics. Ha, it was just about glowing it was so hot! it did turn it purple though.

Then I left it to cool down, and after that, HOLY [@#$%&*!]!, I could stop in half the distance! The back wheel come straight of the ground! :cry:






I now I love my XR4 even more!

The Wave rotor would probly be useless for alot of you who only ride off road, But I ride my XR4 on the road ALOT! and it's good to have powerful brakes! I would recomend these Galfer wave discs to anyone with any bike who rides it on the road alot! :cry:

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This is from the Galfer web site about the Wave disc.

Galfer Wave Disc Rotors

Galfer Wave disc rotors are not only the best looking rotors on the planet, they are the best performing rotors on the planet. Galfer invented the wave disc and now hold the world wide patent for its design. The wave rotor works in several ways, it increases the surface area of the disc to increase cooling efficiency, it generates an air pulse around the outside of the disc to cool brake pads and calipers more effectively, they increase initial bit in the braking system they give excellent brake leaver feel, control and modulation and best of all they look really cool on your bike!!

For the technical buffs read on!!

Why wave pattern?

Admit it! You're interested in Galfer wave discs because they look cool! We like the way they look as well but believe it or not, there is quite a bit of thought that went into inot our patented technology. On a normal disc rotor, the leading edge (think toe-in) of the brake pad is in contact with the entire height of the blade as the pressure is applied. Because the contact covers the entire height of the blade heat build-up take much less time to occur and you end up with heat related problems, like brake fade, thermal lockup, and inconsistent braking performance. What the wave patten patter does is take that leading edge of contact between the blade and the pad and consistently move it up and down, thus minimising heat build up and its inherent problems. Cool air is also introduced in greater amounts. In addition, through centrifugal force, any foreign matter is thrown clear of the outer rim of the blade and doesn't get lodged in the pad material.

Galfer's 420 grade stainless steel wave disc rotors

Galfer uses 420 grade stainless steel for our “WAVE” disc rotors and what's 420 grade all about. It's about friction and memory ! What do we mean by that? All of Galfers 420 stainless steel disc rotors have a very high carbon content that gives superior disc rotor friction and when you combine this with our high carbon content disc pads you have a Formula One style Carbon-Carbon braking system that gives superior friction and performance. The high carbon content also make the 420 grade stainless steel extremely stable at high disc rotor temperatures giving a constant lever feel and for repeated high powered stopping performance. Metals have memory which means that when you heat up a piece of metal and it expands, good memory characteristics allow it to go back to its original shape without much deformation from the original shape. It's as simple as this 420 steel has the best memory characteristic. This is a far superior grade of stainless steel than any other manufacture, especially compared to the lower quality steels disc. .

Stamping great when you are doing mass production of tens of thousands of rotors. This is because the stamp itself is VERY expensive to make, but after the initial expense, it can quickly produce rotors that are relatively good quality. On the other hand, laser cutting requires minimal initial expense other than a few hours programming time to make sure the laser follows the desired pattern. The other edge is a far superior finish with no pressure or stressed points on the outer edge of the disc rotor for cracks to start from. Laser cutting also allows you to easily and cheaply change the design after testing if the need arises. Because the programming time is all that is required for a completely new prototype, Galfer has the ability to do small batches of custom rotors to meet the needs of our clients. Galfer can do an infinite number of combinations of diameter, bolt fixing patterns and wave patterens. Laser cutting provide the most consistant cut quality and leaves the rotor substantially flatter and less stressed than stamping.

Heat Treatment

All Galfer discs are heat treated prior to being double disc ground. This is extremely important and it normalizes the particles that the disc rotors are made from reliving any high stress points, aligning all the metal molecules in the rotors and increasing the stability at high temperatures all resulting in a better disc rotor

Double Disc Grinding

All of Galfer's discs have an excellent double disc ground finish. This give a perfect parallel finish, easy bedding in characteristics and a great look.

What about the other companies making Wave style rotors?

Galfer has patented the “non round” rotors. We have USA patent #6,386,340 and European paten #99500110.1 At the time of this writing; Magura is the only company that has an d official license of our patents. No one else! There are other companie who are in pre-production of wave rotors who are in negotiations with us to license the design and there are a few that are just trying to get away with ignoring the patent. Not very Kosher if you ask us.

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Well no actually. I dont use my rear brakes. The old one's fine.

I use the brilliant engine compression braking capabilities as my rear brake. just change down 2 or 3 gears at a time when slowing down fast, plus the front brake. Can stop instantly!

I paid $230 Aust for the Galfer Rotor, thats $177 US. And $40 Aust for the Galfer Pads, thats $29 US.

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Ha ha! Im just too good! Thats how!

Na, I first saw them when the new Kawasaki ZX10R came out, and it has twin Front Wave Rotor's on it, and in reviews, they said they brakes were extreemly powerful.

Then I saw an ad in a dirt bike mag, for Galfer Disc's! They said how good they were, and they make them to fit XR400! So I checked ou their web site, and thought, I got to but one!!

So I did! :cry:

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