Water in swingarm corrodes chain adjustment bolts

Might be time to pull out the chain adjuster bolts and lube them up before they become one with the swingarm. You can also drain the water out of the swingarm at the same time. Mine had more than I expected to be in it. just fyi....

I will second that. Just greased my linkage and everything, and when I took my swingarm off I couldn't believe how much water was in there. I also take off the brake line holders when I wash the bike sometimes, so that is probably how most of it got in.

is it just getting in through the brake line holders? Good thing it's aluminum so it won't rust.

All it needs is just a little maintance!!!


I don't think it really matters what kind of bike you have. I have always gotten water into my swingarm one way or another. Mostly blaming the pressure washer. Best fix-lube the adjuster bolts and drill small hole on each end of the swing arm close to the end so it drains out.

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