CRF250R suspension

I asked this question in the CRF forum and only one person responded in two weeks... so I'll ask here -

I'm 5'9" / 145lbs with all my gear. With race sag at 100mm, my free sag is 44-45mm. All clickers are set at stock settings. The bike gets a really nasty head shake in 4th / 5th gear. Other than that, the bike actually feels decent.

Should I get softer springs in back, front, or front AND back and will any amount of playing with the clickers get it adjusted "within limits"? :cry:

At 145 lbs. WITH gear---- put a 4.6 on the rear and a set of 42's in the front and you will be in business, at least with the stock valving.

I had your same problem even after i had a full pro-action 'make-over' it was all sprung and valved to my weight, but i still got headshake, after having a nasty accident (landing a downhill jump, getting headshake and flying sideways down the track after hitting another jump, and landing on what felt like concrete, (hardpack)). I moved my forks down in the clamps, this solved the headshake but lessened my abiltity to carve a tight line, which i love doing. Eventually, i saved up, (being only 15 and job less) i bought a set of second hand R & D triple clamps, with 20mm offset, i installed these, and also put my forks to stock position. Man, they made such a difference, the first time i rode with them, i was carving the tight line, hitting the knarliest, fastest parts of the track with 100% stability. I highly recommend a set of 18/20mm offset clamps.


Thanks for the replies!

I happen to live about 10 miles from Fins Up Suspension - has anyone ever gone thru them for service and if so, would you recommend them?

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