Race tech spring rate suggestions?

Ok I am going to revalve my suspension on my 04 YZ 250F. I was doing some spring rate search over at race tech's website and the reccommended spring rate for the forks is a .435 and the stock spring rate is .430. Is that close enough to where I wont notice a difference?

On the shock they reccomended a spring rate of 4.92 and the stock rate is 4.7. Now I noticed a little bottoming from the stock shock but I went a half turn on the high speed compression(I think) and it seemed to fix it. Will I notice a huge difference going with stiffer spring? Or will I be ok with the stock spring?

I planned on just buying the gold valves(type 1), but was thinking, would replacing the seals and bushings make a noticible differance also? Also in case you were wondering I am about 170 lbs with gear off but I entered 175 lbs just in case I have a big meal before I ride or something. So thats how all the spring rates were measured.

I have gold valves and not a big fan of them.I heard they elimadate the mid valve not sure.But with gold valve my bike seems to be soft a mussy.Just my opinion.I wish i would have just got a stiffer spring because revalve parts and labor 200 dollars and doesent seem any better than stock with right spring. :cry:

As a 170 lb mx'er, you are very close to what the bike was originally set up for. I think that in your case, gold valves would worsen your suspension until you pulled them apart several times for tuning.

If you want to learn about suspension re-valving though, they are great. If you just want good suspension, stick with stock or a re-valve from a quality shop.

I put gold valves in my yz250f. The shock worked pretty well right away, but I had too re-valve the forks at least 10 times before I was finally satisfied. The forks never worked right until I put the mid-valve back in and used a softer base valving. :cry:

Well I didnt expect to see those responses for the gold valves. I thought KYB worked well with gold valves. I knew showa did but seems like you guys had problems. Maybe it would be better if I went with the type 2 gold valves instead of the standard. They are the same price but the type 2 is for aggressive motocross supercross applications and reduces bottoming. What do you guys think or, do you have any recommendations on who I should go to besides racetech? Also I would like to know if you were over or under the reccomended spring rates that racetech suggested.

I just got a brand new Kx 100, and I could use some suggestions as to how to set the suspension, since I have no idea how to adjust it. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Hey skinsfan I could give you a hand on a couple things. First I need to know your weight and year bike. Im assumming its 05 but maybe its 04. I can look up the spring rates and see what they are and see whats reccommended for your weight. Also tell me what you didnt like and liked about the suspension.

Thanks for the help. I weigh about 140. Its a year 2005 KX100. And I just felt like it was a little too soft. Like when it was on the bike stand. I could pick up the back end it actually came up through part of the stroke. Thanks a whole lot. You meet the nicest people on a dirt bike.And sometimes the meanest too.

I personally have been satisfied by the GV in the shock, in the fork it's a different matter because you have separate valves on each side of a cartridge. The base valve on the bottom, and the mid-valve on top.

Race Tech recommends removing the midvalve and installing a check-plate, which is just a washer on a spring that opens up, letting the oil pass through. This really softens up the valving and takes away harshnes, but it's about as sophisticated as drilling a couple of quarter-inch holes in the side of your cartridge. Race Tech recommends it because it's much easier for amatuers to adjust their valving when they only have 1 valve to work with. Plus it gives them a base-line to start all their recomendations on.

As an amatuer who needs simplicity, I've had the best luck with the forks I've re-valved by just leaving the mi-valve stock, and starting with race tech's "prefers soft" settings on the base. (because a mid-valve adds allot of damping compared to a check-plate.) This way I have a good, working mid-valve, and only have to think about tuning the base. It's a decent compromise that works for novices like myself. I picked it up from some of the experts on this forum, who believe that the stock mid-valves are pretty good these days for the typical rider. Good luck in your quest :cry:

P.S. Their is allot you can do with the mid-valve and how much it "floats", but small changes make a huge difference and throw off everything you've done to the base.

Hey Skinsfan6 I will post tomorrow with the results. Like another guy said Racetech's spring rate calculator was down so I will check again. Also I found out my next door neighbor ravalved his front and rear on his yz 250. He didnt tell me but I noticed he was going a little faster thru the rough stuff. I am going to ride his bike when I get a chance and see how I like it.

The Race Tech spring calculator / product search page is up again. They switched to the old style. In the past couple of days when it was down, I was able to access this older style interface by clicking on "DVS valving search", which is right below the product search link.

Thanks socal_250f_racer and 4strokes4 me

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