Baja Kit gremlins, what should the regulator output voltage be?

My guess is the BD regulator should put out about 14v, right?

Mine is coughing out less than 4 volts and I can't find any loose, damaged, open, shorted or misconnected wiring.

Anyone else seen that happen?

Generator is putting out 14.5v, so all is well at that end of things.

Thankd for any input. Bike runs fine, just with no lights. :cry:

Call Tech Support at BD, they will help you get things right.

How old is your kit? Talk to Dan at BD, they have a new voltage regulator thats replacing the crappy old one.

Rectifier is putting out 5v at idle and 3v at revs.

That ain't right!!!

Spoke with Dan, new rectifier on the way, should be back on the road by the weekend. Yaay!!

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