West Virginia Rules

I took a Labor Day ride through WVA that was awesome. 201 miles total with less than 20 of them paved. I left my yard and covered 5 counties through some of the most beautiful places anywhere. The Monongahela National Forest is massive and covered with a huge network of roads, almost all dirt. I went from 2500' to 4861' and covered a lot of ground from the old Blackwater 200 dualsport run. This area was also covered in the Feb. 2001 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine.You pass by everything from scenic railroads to ghost towns. The only problem with the area is there are so many roads and trails you always feel like you are missing something when you pass one up. One stretch was 74 miles of dirt between gas stops and the only thing I saw was wildlife. Several times stupidity took over and I saw an indicated 90 MPH on some of the bigger fire roads. The BRP worked perfectly and I can't think of another bike I would have rather been on. This might not sound like much to you western guys but you have to remember this is all within 2 1/2 hours of suburban Washington D.C. The whole area is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone living nearby with a dualsport bike. If you do go don't count on a cell phone, it wouldn't work anywhere the entire trip. :)

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