Reasonable Offers on '05 WR450

I will be purchasing an '05 WR450 soon and wanted to know what I can expect to pay for it. I know MSRP is $6,599, but after you add on dealer prep, delivery charges, tax, and license, the out-the-door price is closer to $7,500.

How much do you think I can negotiate on the extra added on costs? Should I negotiate the MSRP of the bike? Are the '05 WR's in such high demand that I will end up paying full price?

What is a reasonable offer that a dealer will accept?


from reading older posts (when I was researching prices prior to buying my bike) it seems most WR450's are going for around $6000 out the door... after taxes, title prep ect. I can't imagine the '05s being much different, they didnt change much.

I got my 04 for 5700 Cash, but they knocked alittle more off of it because they wanted to make room for the 05's

I'd say if you can get a 05 for around 6k OTD, you got a good deal :cry:

In some areas it might be difficult to get $6000 OTD on a brand new bike at the beginning of the model year, and everything I have read suggests L.A. may be the same way. I know here in the Atlanta GA area they don't knock much off the prices at alot of dealers. That's why alot of people drive to South GA, Alabama, or Tennessee to get bikes.


As far as dealer prep & delivery charges, these are both paid for by the manufacturer. The delivery charges are also figured into the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price)

You don't have any choice on the taxes & license but explain to them that the other is a bunch of BS and you shouldn't have to pay it. :cry: Of course if their are lots of people in line waiting to buy that bike you probably should be nice about it. :cry:


thanks for the info, guys.

I'll be going to Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernadino. I heard they give good deals.

let me know how it goes, been sniffin the 05 wr450f myself,don't wanna buy it right when they hit the floor, dealer thinks they are hot chit. a little time to cool, you should check out corona Yamaha, rode with the owner at the sierra safari- she was pretty cool and said come on down!?

good lucky and lemme know what happens! :cry:

Well, I picked up a sweet, new '05 WR450 today. I'm pretty psyched about it. I sold my other bike earlier in the day. I ended up buying from Chaparral Motorsports. I got a decent deal considering these bikes aren't even making it to the showroom floors, they're getting bought right off the delivery truck. My boy Rob Barnum from Barnum's Pro Products put in a call to one of the head salesmen and told him to take care of me. He could have gotten me a really good deal from Temecula Motorsports, but they didn't have any '05's in stock. I guess I could have waited, but they way these bikes have been selling, especially because now they're green stickered, I figured if I didn't act now, I might be waiting a long time.

Basically, I got $1,000 off the total price. I didn't have to pay for tax, license, and they came down on the delivery & dealer prep charges.

See you on the trails!


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