cleaning the fram screen

well its been two seasons and i figured it is about time to clean the screens. heres the question, the hollow bolt that holds the screen and oil tube is not notched to line up with the tube. is it nessary to line up the holes in the bolt with the tube. or just reassemble. the shop manual does not say. i tried to line the two up but once i threaded it up i could not tell after it rotates a hundred times. :) later

I don't remember, but I'm guessing it's just a matter of reassembling because I never gave it much thought when doing it. My bike is residing in another state for about the next month, so I can't go out and check it for you...sorry. Hopefully someone else here will chime in to clarify this for sure.

The lower flat screen inside the right case has never been dirty on mine, but the thimble like screen inside the tube was filthy with metal shavings on it the first time I checked it and only a bit dirty the next two times I check it. Did your's also have metal shavings on it?

thanks i am planning to go for a ride tomarow and i didn't want a hand garnade. it did have a fair amount of metal shaveings but i was happy because i thought it would have looked worse. being two seasons. later :)

Hourout, just screwing in the bolt to the corect

torque is adequate. The general concensus is

that cleraning your downtube screen every

3 rd oil& filter change is adequate. Doing this,

you should see only a little "crap", a whole

lot been a signal that someting inside is wrong.

cheers, Craig

The setup has a groove so all you need do is tighten it.

I did this for the first time (have about 500 miles on it now) and also took off the right side cover to get the screen in the bottom. It was spotless; the downtube one had just a bit of stuff in it.

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