pumper carb shiping

i ordered the qs carb the first week of aug. i still have not been billed and no word. i am still wating eagerly so my enduros will be more enjoyable. i ordered from barnumspro.. how long is the average turn around on an order. thanks later.

It really seems like this has varied a lot based on reading posts here, on Yahoo, HondaXR, etc. The one thing I know from talking with others is that the holdup is always from Edelbrock and not their dealers. There were several guys a short while a go on another message board who were frustrated about the wait and they had ordred from a couple different places, but barnumspro actually came through before the other dealers did. The first carb I ordered took about two months and the second one I ordred for my brother in law took only about three to four weeks. Seems like four to ten weeks is the average spread based on talking with others. When I talked to Edelbrock about this a while back, they said they were going to try and ramp up production later this year to speed things up, but it sounded as though this wouldn't happen until around the end of the year. Send barnumspro an email and see what they have to say. They've got close ties with Edelbrock from what I understand and Rob Barnum has done R&D work for them and many other other companies based on talking with him. I got a chance to meet him earlier this year at the Adelanto Grand Prix where he was racing and he was a super great guy to talk to and very fast on his XR650R.

I'm guessing Rob Barnum is gone right now because of what I read on the ThumperTalk banner link that says "Come and Meet the ThumperTalk Guys". Here's the link...


It says that Rob Barnum will be attending this event with the ThumperTalk owners on Friday, September 6th –- Sunday, September 8th and this event is in Wisconsin, which is quite a ways from where Rob lives.

I noticed that ThumperTalk just added Rob's bio to the ThumperTalk experts list at this link along with his contact info.


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