Brush guards

I agree for MX riding I would take them off but for off road riding the risk of that happening is much much lower. :cry:

I love my Rally pros. I have had a few less than gracefull trail dismounts that bent/pushed/moved my guards but did not break them or my controls. I have an allen tool in my pack to loosen them, re-adjust and go wreck some more! :cry: :cry:

For less money, get the Tusk. Then you won't have to stop to straighten everything every time you tip over.

The first thing that caught my attention about the Cycra is the clearance it gives you. I also like the shape and styling of the guards. Cycra has the triple clamp mounts keeping it off the bars and makes it more sturdy.

Unfortunately I got to test exactly how well these work last weekend when I inadvertently way-layed a tree racing down a sandy trail. My hands and handguards made it without a scratch.

Never skimp on safety :cry:

I love my cycras. I ride Moab and a fall there on the rocks will end your day. I dropped off a ledge, bike landed on bars, bars bent but didn't break levers thanks to Cycra!!

Just to add one more option - Fastways are like the Cycras except they mount to the handlebar clamps not the tripple clamp pinch bolts. A very slick setup.

It's a slick set up but too rich for my blood. :cry:

I'll give another vote for Tusk d-Flex with metal insert over the old plastic only models. After a low speed front wheel wash that caused the aderbis plastic to colapse on my fingers, I can say the myth about their benefit in trapping your hand is baseless. Go metal and go ride :cry:

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