Starting when hot or cold

When bike is cold starting with choke no problem, when hot press the button it's a pig to start, pull choke it fires right away, this can't be right can it,any ideas.

With my 03 WR450 sometimes I have to open the throttle while e-starting to get it to start when engine is hot.

I believe this is lean jetting (opening the throttle moves the needle making it richer).

This week I am going to lower the needle clip one position and see what happens. I will post again for the results after I ride this weekend (oct.30/31).

You guys may want to look at wire mods on this forum. gray and sky blue wire under the tank (eliminates low voltage to spark plug during starting and gives YZ ignition timing). Iridium plug will also help with starting. :cry:

must consider that euro model are not grey wire connected, at least 400, 426 werent :cry:

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