Snorkle removal and Jetting tips

Ok I know how to do that but Im more curious on the jetting part. If I take the snorkle out does the jetting need to be adjusted.

Um... I really don't know the snorkel won't make that huge amount of difference. I didn't need to rejet on my ttr so you might not have to. if you cut the air box then you will probably have to rejet.

Just looking for some instructions on how to properly remove the snorkle and jett the bike properly after. I heard by removing the snorkle and putting in a new air filter you can get

3-6 horsepower, but will run terrible. Ive heard that the problem was in the vacuum piston of the CV carb.

Any help or info would be great.

To take the snorkel out take your seat off and just grab the snorkel and pull it out of your air box.

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